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"to be inspired to aim a little higher"
"to add more life to your living"
"to push past your comfort zone"
"to achieve those wellness goals you've always wanted"

-Amanda Hardin

Meet Amanda Hardin

Hi there. I'm Amanda. That's it. Nothing fancy. Just me, an everyday woman. I am a mom to two amazing and beautiful daughters.  A former teacher, turned stay at home mom, that felt tired chasing after the two young girls I really wanted to keep up with. A woman that decided to step out of my comfort zone... Way out...

I knew if I was going to take care of my family like I wanted, I had to learn to take care of myself. We could all get so much more if we are pouring from a full cup instead of going on empty.  I had no real goal intended other than to feel better, sleep better,  and maybe not completely feel like a busted can of biscuits in my jeans. 

It was then, being in a new town, I decided to try my first fitness class. The idea was intimidating, the workout was hard, and I thought surely I might die. But it was also challenging, so much fun, and super motivating. I loved the ladies I met as they helped make it enjoyable and supportive. I really felt like I was part of a community, while doing something for myself that I'd always needed to do.

I felt a shift after that first class. And being that I in fact didn't die, I went back. And I kept going. I was making healthier choices, cooking healthier meals, and I kept being pushed past my limits. I was hooked. I soon began jogging. Then jogging turned into competitive running: 5k's, 10k's, and a half marathon. I was finding my choir nerd self becoming quite the athlete. Who knew??

At first I thought I'd chosen fitness. But it seems it chose me. I knew I wanted to "teach" others all I'd learned. I became a personal trainer and dedicated my career to showing others how to make health and fitness an attainable, natural way of life. And that is still my goal. To add more life to your living.

I  eventually expanded my horizons even more by competing in a natural body building competition in the bikini division for the master's class. (Yes, 35 was considered "old".) I learned so much about training, nutrition, self discipline, and determination. All priceless things I hold dearly and try to pass on to my clients.

If you are still here reading, it is my hope that you find this a comfortable place. That maybe you will be inspired to aim a little higher. To feel a light inside of you that directs you to attain those wellness goals you've always wanted. Check out the variety of programs we have to offer you in an environment that is encouraging, positive, and effective. Contact me so I can invite you to come try a session. Meet the amazing people that walk through the doors of the studio each day. Feel the motivation we each pass along to one another while pushing past our limits. If it is a good fit for you, my team and I would love to be a part of your health and fitness journey!!


Amanda Hardin, CPFI, Owner of Aspire Fitness Studio, LLC